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My (boring) history

G'Day, you Probably Don't want to read all about me, so I'll make this short and only include the important stuff.

I'm a short, goth, 14 year old in year nine. some say I'm weird, some say I'm cool, I don't really care if you hate me, but if you would like to get to know me and you're not opposed to my personality, I'm actually quite friendly. I've been told that I have a passionate nature, usually because things I like I usually get very passionate about or else I lose interest quickly. I'm not quite sure though, I think I'm more likely to call it an obsessive nature. either way, I am passionate/obsessed about the best finnish metal band in the world, Nightwish.

My Fellow Emppuholics

videos, music and pictures

I will be making update soon, including photo's which have been made by others (name of creator and link to place to find it will be included with each photo).

My Fave Links

these are some site I have in my favourites, check them out!


OME fanlisting:

Finnish language site - I'm trying to teach myself:

A good bead site:

Good for free jewlery projects:

For the best metal bands in the world:

A nice shop if you have a passion for dolls:

Another good band:

About Nightwish

Ok, if you don't know who nightwish is, there must be something seriously wrong with you, so I will educate you and make you normal again. (note that I only said that you had to know Nightwish to be normal - you don't necesarily have to like them - though if you don't like them, I suggest you don't mention it to Nightwish-holics, coz they might hurt you :P)

Nightwish is just the BEST finnish metal band in the world (closely followed by brother firetribe in my opinion) and consists of 5 members:

  1. Anette Olzon, the vibrant good looking lead singer
  2. Tuomas Holopainen, the mysteriously sexy keyboard player
  3. Marco Hietala, the super hot basist/male vocalist with an amazing voice
  4. Emppu Vourinen, the guitarist who is cute and funny offstage but when he's playing; Boy is he hot & sexy!
  5. And last but not least, Jukka Nevalainen, the drummer who is described as being a gentelman, and is SO COOL when he's drumming, and cuddly cute offstage.

And behind the scenes, we have their faithful Crew:

  • Ewo Pohjola: Manager, NW Bartender
  • Toni Peiju: NW Agent, Business Manager, Accounts
  • Kimmo Ahola: Sound engineer
  • Markku Aalto: Pyrotechnician
  • Tero Kinnunen: Bass Tech, Backgrounds
  • Andy Toiviainen: Guitar Tech
  • "Ulsch" Weitz: Drum Tech
  • Jarmo Lautamäki: Webmaster, Programmer (shops)
  • Christian Lessner: Webmaster
  • Benedikt Deicke: Programmer, Administrator
  • Jessica Lehto: Swedish translations
  • Estevão Camargo: Portuguese translations

And we will always remember Tero, (who I'm afraid I have no idea what he did-I can't find Info) and Tommi, THE Lightman, who have left the crew. they will be missed!